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"the flying disc"

by Niemeyer in Niteroi, Rio

This construction shows us how projecting near the sea, has a lot of consequenses, and without monitoring the paint and structure starts to currupt along the years.

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Parque Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo

Pieces of art are collocated in specific places to make people discover them along the park.

I read before going in this trip, that the ibirapuera park hadn’t been restored since it’s inauguration. It’s sad, to see a beautiful project like this, turn into ruin, along the structure we can see water infiltrations and damaged pillars.

i also didn’t imagine that the concrete-structure would end up in a fewer scale than the building. strange

Aparently it was build later a cafe inside of this, it blocks up, in my point of view,  the route and the orientation of the people.

The panels with the pictures with brazilian culture was pretty nice to see in Pavilhão Afro-Brasil.

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Visit to the famous Copan, “The Concret Monster-Snake” from Sao Paulo, first impressions were big, looking from the outside. the construction was massive, and very intimidating. it is unthinkable that it’s the home of 2,000 people.

Finally in the top, the view was mind-blowing,  not just we could see all of Sao Paulo’s greatest, we could also see that the building was in constant decomposition, and one thing that scared me, was the emergency stairs in the back, the biggest spiral stairs i have ever seen in 115 meters high!

it certainly was an amazing achievement in that time for the modern architecture in Brazil.

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